Hello my lovelies 💋 and welcome to my blog, Mimo’s World 🎀. Whether it is my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or somehow the internet mysteriously led you here, it is not by coincidence, your are in the right place, so grab some cookies 🍘 and enjoy a glimpse of my world.

My name is Wendy, I am a law student from Kenya. I love sharing my passion for beauty, fashion as well as lifestyle and I am a crazy fanatic of the colour peach or baby pink. I absolutely love meeting and connecting with others who may share the same passion and I also enjoy discovering and learning new things from people .

This blog captures my life as a young blogger costantly growing in my talents and interests, uncovering God’s purpose for my life as well as achieving all my dreams and goals one step at a time. I hope to keep you inspired and entertained always. Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions of topis you what me to blog about, collaborations or even opportunities via:


Instagram; gwen_mimo

Remember to follow, like, comment and share the contents of this blog. Thank you and I love you to the moon and back for reading this ❤❤❤

Kisses MIMO.


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